Cannot see files in S3/Glacier when using Synology Glacier app for backup


Hi I'm using my new Synology NAS and its app Glacier to backup my files to AWS Glacier. Everything is fine. Glacier vaults are in place and files are in there.
I was curious to see how Synology use S3 Glacier. So, I tried to find the corresponding S3 bucket used by Synology App.... but there is no bucket ... Question : How can I have all my files in Amazon Glacier and not having a S3 bucket with my files ?


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Hi Luc!

if you don't find any S3 bucket containing your backup files inside (tagged with Glacier Storage Tier), for my understanding, this means Synology uploads your files directly to the vault as a single full backup (not incremental). During the restore process, Synology triggers a set of API calls to query that vault and restoring a particular set of files you need.

Cheers, Nico

answered 2 years ago

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