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/SES/SNS: events is not being dispatched, except by Bounce/

SES/SNS: events is not being dispatched, except by Bounce


Hello, for some reason, SNS notifications is not working anymore for any event except by Bounce. Any other event like Open or Click is not being dispatched and I do not know how can I debug it to discovery the reason.

All was working fine until 2022-06-02 09:52:31 (UTC-3), today, then after I do not received no more events, and I do not did any modification on AWS or on my app.

I have included a new HTTPS on my SNS to debug it locally using ngrok and I have confirmed that only Bounce events is reaching.

That is what I have:

  • Domain identity validated with Easy DKIM CNAMEs;
  • Configuration set with event destination to Amazon SNS in use for rendering failures, rejects, hard bounces, complaints, open and clicks;
  • Amazon SNS configuration set with two HTTPS signatures, the production one and the debug for ngrok, both confirmateds;
  • The emails have AWS Track links, but even accessing them does not generate the opening log;
  • And again, everything was working perfectly fine until today, for almost two years, and it stopped out of nowhere, without any changes in the environment.

Can you suggest something for me to follow?


  • Hello, David.

    We are also having the same issue that started happening at a similar time to the one you reported.

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Hello David,

The SES service team reported to me that an issue was identified and corrected in us-east-1. I re-tested Open and Click tracking in us-east-1 and I am now receiving notifications for both events.

answered a month ago
  • Oh, thanks! So it seems to me that AWS Health is not so reliable. Before posting here I tried a lot to know if there was a global problem or if it was just me. AWS Health did not report anything and was already looking for a workaround. Thanks for the answer. Here it started working again at 19:47 (UTC-3).

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