Delete Route 53 Hosted Zone generated by default when buying domain name if I have already configured DNS in Lightsail.


Hello, I bought a domain name on Route 53, then I set up Lightsail following these steps I have configured Lightsail following these steps: Finally in Route 53 -> Domains -> Registered domains, I have selected my domain and in Actions -> Edit name servers,
I have copied the name servers that Lightsail provides you when you create the domain.

My question is the following: In Route 53 when you buy a domain name a default Hosted Zone is generated for this domain which also contains different name servers than the ones configured before. Is the Route 53 Hosted Zone necessary or can I delete it, or do I have to copy the Lightsail name servers also in the Route 53 Hosted Zone ?

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The route 53 hosted zone is no longer necessary as it is no longer being used, the DNS is now pointing to the Lightsail server.

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answered 10 months ago
Accepted Answer

You can safely delete the default Route53 Hosted Zone after confirming that Lightsail DNS Zone is doing the routing. You can verify this by checking if all the NameServers values in the Lightsail DNS zone match the NameServers in the response of this command:

dig NS <domain-name>
answered 10 months ago

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