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Using sagemaker free tier. Within the first 2 months but still got charged See charges below

$0.056 per Hosting ml.t2.medium hour in US East (N. Virginia) 0.156 Hrs USD 0.01

Was charges 0.01 for 0.156 hrs. But ml.t2.medium should be free for the first two months. I was all within the free tier limit. Anyonw knew ahy I was still charged ?

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Up to 250 hours per month are free.
I have not seen the exact invoice image, so I am not sure, but is it possible that the portion of the invoice that was used over 250 hours was incurred as a bill?

250 hours of ml.t3.medium instance on Studio notebooks OR 250 hours of ml.t2 medium instance or ml.t3.medium instance on notebook instances

By the way, if you encounter unexpected charges, we recommend that you open a case with AWS Support under "Account and billing".
Inquiries under "Account and billing" can be made free of charge.

For questions about your AWS bills or to appeal your charges, contact AWS Support to address your inquiries immediately. To get help, see Getting help with AWS Billing. To understand your bills page contents, see Using the Bills page to understand your monthly charges and invoice.

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