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Hello everyone, Questions about DMS with postgres / dyndb.

I have setup a data replication between an rds postgres as a source endpoint and a dynamodb table as a target endpoint.

Globally it works well, using a object mapping rule to map some columns with the partition key/sorting key from dyndb.

But my main question are, assuming that we also replicate the ddl, about how columns modifications are managed :

  • if I rename a column on pg, does the related attribute on dyndb would be renamed?
  • if I drop a column, does the related attribute would be delete for all the records that have this attribute set?

Tx in advance

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Generally speaking, AWS DMS supports DDL statements [1]. Looking at PostgreSQL as a source [2] and DynamoDB as the target [3], there doesn't seem to be any limitation for your scenario. In any case, I would recommend testing on a non-production environment to ensure all your use cases are supported.

[1] [2] [3]

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answered a year ago

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