Aurora RDS Postgres DB alerts by query execution latency


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I have this requirement, DB alerts by query execution latency , this means we need to set alarm one of our query running more that 5 second. but i did not find any metric regarding this.

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As you may know, RDS metrics do not include metrics related to slow queries.
So, enable query logging for RDS PostgreSQL and change "log_statement" to 1 in the RDS parameter group.
Also, by setting the value of "log_min_duration_statement" to 5000, queries that take more than 5 seconds to execute will be output to the log.
Please set the type of query you want to output to the log with the value of "log_statement".

After outputting to CloudWatch Logs, you can create metrics by using a metric filter, etc., and then you can create alarms.

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  • thank you so much Riku, its work

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