Is it possible to disable all Amazon Cloudwatch Log Data Ingestion / Archive?



I would like to avoid costs related with:

  • Log Data Ingestion for Amazon Cloudwatch
  • Log Data Archive for Amazon Cloudwatch

I'm near 5GB/month for both but I don't know what these logs are and so I think that I don't need them...

Can someone help me understanding these logs and if it's possible to deactivate them?

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

If the logs where setup for another AWS service they will normally have the service name in the log group name which you can view in Cloudwatch logs to help figure out where they are coming from. If you have multiple log groups, can be used to figure out which ones are causing the cost increase and de-active the relevant settings to prevents the logs being sent to Cloudwatch.

If the logs are needed its worth adding a retention time to each Cloudwatch group as by default the logs are kept indefinitely, doing so will help keep your costs for "Log Data Archive for Amazon Cloudwatch" from growing more than they need to.

answered a year ago

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