Amazon connect Contact Flow back up, restore and promote to different environments


We have a couple of contact flows created in our amazon connect instance. We built our contact flows and were trying to take back up of the flows and we are receiving an error as "The number of blocks or resources in the flow exceeds the maximum allowed, or the file exceeds 1MB.". I understand that this is a limitation with in amazon connect.

We wanted to set up dev and UAT enviornment for same contact flows in a different instance of Amazon Connect account. Can you please advise how the call flows can be exported when the "The number of blocks or resources in the flow exceeds or the file exceeds 1MB"

Also, what are the possibilities for implementing a CI/CD pipe line for our future developments. We are expecting the initial work to be done in the Dev enviornment and later promote to QA, UAT and after the testing phase promote to the Production instance. All environments are in different aws accounts or at least a couple of them

AWS account #1 - Dev and QA

AWS account #2 - UAT

AWS account #3 - Production

Is there a cloud formation templates or stacks can be useD?

2 Answers

You could try using the DescribeContactFlow API, but honestly, if your contact flows are that big you probably need to look at refactoring them, maybe splitting out some of the logic into modules?

For the deployment pipeline, you have a couple of options, either deploying programatically via the API see here:

Or you can using Cloud Formation scripts see here:

answered 2 years ago
  • For Queue Flows we can't able to split the flows in module's, there comes the issue to export the flow. Currently we are exporting the flow using DescribeContactFlow API only. But, do we have any process to backup the Amazon Connect Instance?

answered 10 months ago

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