The web acl is associated with the Application Load Balancer in the AWS region. After a few hours, it is found that the association has been cancelled


I want the web acl to be associated with the Application Load Balancer in the AWS region, after a few hours, I found that the association was cancelled, repeated many times with the same result, and in the Application Load Balancer configuration item integrated service (AWS WAF) shows: This Application Load Balancer does not support WAF, I don't know where the configuration is wrong,thank you

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This could be because of the disassociation of the WEB-ACL. look into cloud trial logs for disassociate-web-acl api call.

Also, there are Restrictions on multiple association

You can associate a single web ACL with one or more AWS resources, according to the following restrictions: • You can associate each AWS resource with only one web ACL. The relationship between web ACL and AWS resources is one-to-many. • You can associate a web ACL with one or more CloudFront distributions. You cannot associate a web ACL that you have associated with a CloudFront distribution with any other AWS resource type.

answered 5 months ago
  • Where can I view the cloud trial log of the disassociate-web-acl api call.No exception log was found in WAF Overview and I just associate a single web ACL with multiple Application Load Balancers. So I still don't know the reason for this problem. Thank you for your answer

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