How can multiple files in my S3 Bucket be dowloaded as a batch vs one at a time?


I am trying to download data for a movie and there are multiple files in my S3 bucket. Is there a way to download them as a batch versus one at a time? This process is time-consuming.

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Since S3 doesn't support wild card characters so there is no direct way of doing that. If you can have files in a single folder within s3 then you can download all files at once by downloading that entire folder through CLI as s3 console won't let you download folder as well.

Here is how you'd download all files within a folder, in this example I'm downloading all files with .gzip extension:

aws s3 cp s3://<bkt_name>/<folder_name>/ ./ --profile <cli_profile_name> --recursive --exclude "*" --include "*.gzip*

See AWS S3 CLI for various exclude-include options along with s3 cp command synopsis.

This may not be the exact thing, that you'd be expecting but this is the way with which you can download multiple files.

Hope you find this usful.


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answered 10 months ago
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