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Sumerian Dashboard issue


Not able to open a Sumerian Dashboard , its keep showing home/additionalresources#/ link. Not showing studio. I verified IAM user has the full sumerian access permission and browser is compatible. is Sumerian is dropped?

  • I'm having the same issue. Im always redirecting back to the "" url. And because of this cannot continue the step "Assign the identity pool to your scene under AWS configuration in scene settings.". Can you please help?

  • Same problem here. Impossible to use Sumerian here. AddtionalResources url is showed always. IAM user has SumerianFullAccess and even with root account the behavior is the same.

  • I have same issue when clicking Sumerian service from AWS mgmt console in AWS Academy Learner Lab

asked 7 months ago43 views
1 Answer

Amazon Sumerian is no longer accepting new customers. Existing customers will still be able to access their scenes until February 21, 2023, after which their Sumerian scenes will no longer be available in the Amazon Sumerian console.

We are recommending customers transition from Sumerian to other web-based 3D engines such as Babylon.js. Guides for how to get started with alternate solutions such as Babylon can be found here:

answered 6 months ago

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