[SOLVED] Code signed layer error


Trying to get code signing up and running on my Lambda functions. I have created a CSC and using the same AWS Signer profile I signed a layer zip stored in S3. My lambda function is configured using Node 14.x, as is my layer.

My layer zip structure is as follows:

When I try to add the signed layer version to the function I get the error:
"Lambda cannot deploy the function. The function or layer might be signed using a signature that the client is not configured to accept. Check the provided signature for arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:ACCOUNT_ID:layer:LAYER_NAME:LAYER_VERSION."

I don't see why this would be occurring since everything has been signed with the same signing profile. Has anyone else gotten this to work? Is there something I have missed to configure?

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1 Answer

I used the signing profile arn instead of the signing profile VERSION arn

answered a year ago

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