Hellow am having problems with my contact flow in amazon connect. in after office hours we are sending our costumers to a queue "after ours" this queue transfers to a block "transfer to phone number", if the agents hang up its consider a call fail and goes to the next transfer to phone number block with another number. the problem is that if the agent is on a call and another costumer calls it should keep the costumer waiting or go to time out and restar the flow " thats how i have it set up" but instead goes to the other transfer to phone number block like it was a call fail. please help me fix this. the second number is only for emergency if the agent dosent do the job.

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I will try to restate what I think you are describing above, please correct me if I am wrong: your after hour treatment redirects the calls to an external number (not sure if you have one "pager" number or each agent staffing the after hours has a DID or a cell number you are trying to transfer the call to). If the agent you are calling outside of you Connect contact center is already on a call, then you want that call to "wait" for the agent to complete their call. If the external call transfer fails then you want to try a second escalation number, still external from your contact center. The transfer to phone number block is technically starting a call leg over the PSTN with the destination number you are specifying. There is no queueing ability on PSTN calls (external from Connect), therefore you will not be able to get any insights about whether the agent is currently on a call or not. The number you are calling (to reach out the after hours agent) can also give different treatment depending on the carrier that provides that number for the agent. For example if you call the agent's cell and they have voicemail setup, you will get a "successfully connected" status reported back to the block. If the agent has multi line occurrence setup they will see the second call coming in, but if they don't pick it up the status may be timeout. This will vary from agent to agent with the PSTN number you are reaching them at. The only way you can implement the treatment you need (wait in queue or escalate) is if you configure the after hour agents as Users in Amazon Connect and ask them to use their softphone instead of hard phone. This will enable them to be either part of an after hour queue you can send your calls to, or you can target individual agents using their personal queue. I hope this helps. Can you please provide more information about these external numbers you send the calls to after hours? Is it a 3P provider? Is it a list of agents you reach out on their personal numbers?

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  • thanks for your answer that made clear how to solve well my problem, could you explain me more about the results of PSTN please i didnt get it that well please.

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