Automated Backup and Restore Solution for Cross-Region Aurora MySQL Databases


I'm currently managing a production RDS Aurora MySQL database located in one region, while my development environment resides in another. The production database contains approximately 1TB of data spread across multiple databases within the Aurora cluster.

I'm seeking guidance on establishing an automated backup and restore solution that operates every Sunday. The objective is to seamlessly replicate the production database to the development region for testing and development purposes.

Could anyone advise on the best practices and AWS services/tools suitable for accomplishing this task efficiently?

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If it's cross-region, I think you can set up AWS Backup to take a backup once a week and copy it to the development environment region.

Alternatively, I think it is possible to use DMS to perform cross-region replication.
Please note that DMS, which requires the creation of replication instances, may be more expensive than AWS Backup.

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  • Hi, the second alternative proposed by Riku is valid but only for cross-region replication. You don't have a backup of your data in your source region. But, altenative #1 (AWS Backup) also gives you a backup in source region (if you keep it)

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