Can CodeBuild perform the following actions?


I am developing a nuget package. It has a public Github repo. Is it possible to use AWS CodeBuild to perform the following actions after dev branch is merged to master:

Build master in release
Get nupkg file from bin/release folder and publish it to (*.nupkg file and whole "bin/release" folder are not tracked in repo)
Add that same file as a release to the github repo
start a custom *.exe

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Yes, it can.

CodeBuild is, basically, a command execution engine. You tell it what to run in what order and it does that.

Setup code course as Github, connect your account, choose "personal repos (or something like that)", choose the branch and add a webhook for "push".
As a "build" command (my case is dotnet, so...) set "dotnet pack" and specify the "-o" option to put the generated package someplace you know where.
Then as "post_build" (not necessary to be in "post_build" it can be in "build" but whatever) set "dotnet push" with the appropriate options (read here: as you know where you put your file you can pass it to this command.
For last two, I haven't done it, yet, but I'm thinking a Github Action and/or AWS Lambda function.

answered 3 years ago

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