Redshift cluster restarting frequently, need assistance in troubleshooting


Hello AWS community, I am experiencing frequent restarts of my Amazon Redshift cluster, and I'm seeking guidance and assistance in troubleshooting the issue. I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you can provide. Problem Description: My Redshift cluster has been automatically restarting every hour for the past few days. The restarts seem to occur without any apparent triggers or error messages. I have checked the cluster logs and CloudWatch metrics but have not been able to identify the specific cause of these restarts. What I've Checked So Far: Cluster Logs: I have retrieved the cluster logs using the AWS CLI but found only informational messages indicating that the cluster started a restart. I couldn't find any specific reason or error messages associated with the restarts. CloudWatch Metrics: I have reviewed the CloudWatch metrics for my Redshift cluster, including CPU utilization, disk space usage, and query throughput. However, I did not observe any unusual spikes or patterns that would explain the frequent restarts. Recent Changes: I have considered any recent changes made to the Redshift cluster configuration, such as parameter modifications or updates. However, rolling back these changes did not resolve the issue. Network and Connectivity: I have reviewed the network configuration, security groups, and VPC settings to ensure there are no networking issues impacting the cluster's stability. Everything appears to be correctly configured. As I don't currently have access to AWS Support, I am reaching out to the community for any suggestions or insights you can offer. If you have encountered a similar issue or have expertise in troubleshooting Redshift clusters, your assistance would be invaluable. Please let me know if there are any specific logs, metrics, or configurations that I should investigate further to determine the cause of the restarts. Any recommendations, tips, or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appre

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Hi, this detailled guidance may help you investigate possible causes:

Hope it helps!


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  • we have already gone through this link before, not able to help us. Could you please suggest something else what will be helpful for our scenario.

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