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/Can I associate multiple EIPs to single internal IP/

Can I associate multiple EIPs to single internal IP


In my AWS instance, I only have one network interface, and one internal IP address from my subnet, let's say it's, I have 10 EIPs, - as well.

Can I associate these 10 public EIPs to my single internal IP My instance has code to direct these 10 public IPs to different web services. Thanks

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EIP's are associated to private IPv4 addresses on ENI's. From the docs:

Each private IPv4 address can be associated with a single Elastic IP address, and vice versa.

The instance size will determine how many ENI's can be associated, and how many IP addresses can be assigned to each ENI. This is documented here.

In a /24 subnet you've got more than enough address space for the 10 private addresses you'll need to assign and associate EIP's with. You'll want to make sure the instance type you choose has not just the number of IP's you'd expect to associate today, but to plan for growth as well.

Other considerations you should think through, too, include protecting this instance with a firewall and ensuring the ability to auto-scale if needed.

answered 11 days ago
reviewed 10 days ago

I understood the default EIP associating policy cannot do this, but we should have the chance to do this multiple EIP's to one private IP mapping if I use AWS Firewall. Is this possible? In my on-prem Fortigate firewall, I can do this mapping easily.

answered 11 days ago
  • No, that's not possible. AWS Network Firewall doesn't provide any NAT functionality.

  • Can you be specific as to which firewall? I'm assuming you're talking about AWS WAF, not AWS Network Firewall, but want to be sure. An Elastic Load Balancer might be the best approach here, depending on architecture.

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