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joining email talk to text with AWS


How do I begin doing my email (Gmail) talk to text?

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Hi Dallas,

AWS tools that you can look into for implementing text-to-speech for content within your Gmail emails are Amazon WorkMail, Amazon Lambda, and Amazon Polly.

Amazon WorkMail is an email service that allows handling and receiving of mail from other applications (Gmail in this case) and you to work with them in the AWS workspace. This will allow other AWS services to interact with the contents of your email to implement text-to-speech via Amazon Lambda and Amazon Polly.

Amazon Lambda functions allow you to create functions that trigger on certain events (such as receiving an email). For your purposes, you can have a Lambda function trigger upon a new email being received in Amazon WorkMail and use it to convert text to speech using Amazon Polly.

Amazon Polly is a service that allows text to be transformed into lifelike speech and can be used to implement the text-to-speech requirements of your request.

I've provided a link to the documentation on the services I described above so you have more information on them:

Amazon WorkMail:

Amazon Lambda:

Amazon Polly:

Please let us know if this helps! Otherwise, please describe in more detail what you are looking to achieve in implementing text-to-speech in Gmail and AWS and we will do our best to assist you.

answered 2 months ago
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