URGENT: AWS Certification Account Name setup; No Last Name (Non-Matching IDs)



I am Indian passport holder. I do not have a surname/last name mentioned in my passport. My passport has given name as "Salim Ali Siddiq" and the surname/last name section is blank. Due to this, my US visa and subsequently my California driver's license have the first name as "FNU" and last name as "Salim Ali Siddiq". This is because the US immigration services, needs to have a last name and hence they use my given name as last name and mention the first name as "FNU" which is first name unknown.

I see that the certification test needs two ID proofs. I have my driver's license and passport as ID proof. Both have different names. Which name and IDs should I use?

In the final AWS certificate, I'd like to have my name as "Salim Ali Siddiq".

Please help me out as soon as possible. I'm trying to schedule a test and I have to sort out this issue before I can schedule a test. Your quick and prompt response is highly appreciated.

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You will have to contact AWS Training and Certification support. Have you tried reaching out to them?


If you only have a first name or last name, please contact AWS Training and Certification support to ensure your AWS Certification Account name is acceptable for test day.

answered 8 months ago
  • Thank you for the response. Yes, I tried reaching out to them but have not received any response.

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