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On-demand parameterized nodejs lambda function on greengrass


Hi Team,

I would like to receive messages published on a topic from IoT cloud, in nodejs lambda function on greengrass and pass the values in that message as a parameter to nodejs lambda function methods, so that the function executes accordingly.

However, I am not able to find AWS IoT APIs which subscribe to the messages published by IoT cloud.
Can you please provide help on this? It will be helpful if you can provide sample nodejs lambda function code for this.

Best Regards,

asked 3 years ago16 views
1 Answer


You can setup subscriptions for topics between IoT Cloud and your Lambda.

You can pass values in the message. For example:

def function_handler(event, context):
    #Set to LEDstate
    if event['LEDstate'] == "ON":
        #turn LED ON
       # call some function using these values.
answered 3 years ago

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