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/RDS Metrics not loading, slow console, account-wide/

RDS Metrics not loading, slow console, account-wide


This started happening around the beginning of the week, and there were no changes made to our services that could of causes this.

Basically the entire "Monitoring" tab of a database details page is unresponsive. Charts don't load at all, and the buttons are unresponsive. Also when trying to modify an instance we get an infinite loading screen.

This does not happen on other accounts, only this specific account that I manage.

Has anyone ever run into this issue? AWS Health and Service Status doesn't list any potential outages or anything similar.

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After messing around with it, I finally found out there was an IAM permissions error hidden inside the JavaScript console where it was hidden from sight. Not very user friendly to say the least, but at least it's solved now.

answered 19 days ago

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