How to do this setup : LB+2*WindowsEC2+ "Active" Shared Drive.


Hello everyone ,
Instead of finding the solution for my last post i thought it would be better to ask .

I have this enveironment :

  • one Load Balancer with a target group of 2 windowss EC2 instances running a web app on port 80
  • both windowss ec2 must have a shared drive eg: an " D:\ "

What would be the best aproach for this situation ?
I already created this env. but i cannot succed in creating the shared drive.

What i have tried :

  1. an FSX share but after i joined the windows ec2 instances the tomcat service cannot see that drive. I have tried to run the tomcat service either with the Local System user(default) or the Domain User that is an local Admin and also with the Local Workgroup Adminstrator.
    Here i have also tried with MKLINK and same outcome.
  2. I thought in creating a FailOverCluster between the nodes and then add a storadge and create a Cluster Shared Volume.
    This might work but i think its an "overkill" as infrustructure and also prices.
    (even thou im not sure what type of storage to add to the ec2 instances , in phisical env. this would require a SAN with ISCSI).

So , please let me know if there are other solution i should take in consideration.

Thank you for reading my post.

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1 Answer

Hello @ all ,
I have found the solution.

I just did the MKLINK directly to the share .
So instead of net use x:\ \fs-abcd\Share and then mklink /d x:\ c:\abc
i did mklink /d \fs-abcd\Share c:\abc

Found out that if you map the shared drive as a local Drive eg : x:\ it will not work.

answered 3 years ago

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