Redshift Serverless Charging


Redshift Serverless Charging

The Charge of Compute usage on Frankfurt region for Redshift Serverless is not matching the log on the sys_serverless_usage .

I have charged by 758 RPU -Hour on the month of sep till 28th , while the below query for the same period returned 76 RPUHour ?

select date_trunc('day',start_time) usage_date, sum(compute_seconds) com_sec, sum(((compute_seconds) ) )/ (60 * 60 ) total_consumer_hour, (sum(((compute_seconds) ) )/ (60 * 60 ) ) * (0.45) compute_cost from sys_serverless_usage group by date_trunc('day',start_time)

I believe the issue on the charging is dividing the compute seconds by (60 times 6) rather than (60 times60), this is also happen when setting alert on RPU-USAGE is also alert on the number i post (example 20 RPU-H daily) it alert on 2 RPU-H.

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Hi , After one and half month with the support team , it is noticed that using the query on the documentation is wrong to be able to monitor cost. Because the serverless charge with min of 60 sec. So if you run on each min for 10 mins a query that take 1 sec on base rpu 32 The view will have a record each min (132) =32 to i assume that to get the cost for this min this will be 32/3600 cost of rpu however actual charging will be (6032) to charge will be (6032)/3600* cost

So the conclusion serverless version shouldn't be used for less small running queries

answered 24 days ago


I found this article about Redshift billing that you may find helpful: If this doesn't clear up your concerns, I suggest opening a case with our Billing and Account Support team via Support Center for further assistance:

— Sage A.

answered 2 months ago

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