Do you have any control for the Agent Statuses without Control Contact Panel Api?

0 this is my temporarily solution
problem is, it's a hassle in the UI side.

so is there a way for me, to change all the agent statuses without accessing the CCP panel?

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This is now possible via the PutUserStatus API call. Added within the last month.

answered 2 years ago

It is not clear what you are trying to achieve can you explain further?

answered 3 years ago

There is no API from the server-side to do this, so you would need to have a listener on the client to capture the events.

You could debug to see how the supervisor changes the agent's state from this portal which impacts the specific agent.

answered 3 years ago

What I'm trying to do, is to change the Agent State in the AWS Lambda
so I wouldn't need to Access the CCP then Change state there

because at the moment,
it can only change 1 agent status/state of the current online agent,
using the CCP which is activated in the Frontend Website,

so in order for me to change the states of many agents,
I need to create a websocket on the website, then emit the changes on each statuses
hoping that the agent that I want to change the status is Online and is using the website.

which is I'm trying to prevent.

What I want to do, is to change the agent status/state in the AWS Lambda,

what is happening in the SDK is that, I could only get the List of the Current Agents and all their info,

but I couldn't Manipulate let's say, Change the Agent's routes or status/states.

So what I'm asking is,
is there a way to change the status of the agent using
the SDK provided by AWS which out activated the Contact Control Panel, which is a IFrame for the Website

answered 3 years ago

that's just, sad, oh well, i'll just stick to the old code then.

they should have done that, so it's easier to manage agent status in backend to avoid overloading the website.
oh well can't complain.

thank you for the help

answered 3 years ago

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