How to set rDNS name for already existing dedicated IP for SES service ?


I have a dedicated IP from the Standard IP Pool of the AWS SES Service and I would like to set a reverse DNS name for it. Unfortunately, there are no tutorials of documentation on the AWS resources describing how to do it after IP is designated so this is a request.

Expected result dig -x <SES POOL DEDICATED IP> should resolve a specific domain name

How can I achieve that?

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Amazon SES does not allow you to specify custom reverse DNS for dedicated IPs. These IPs come pre-configured with proper AWS RDNS on them which should be sufficient and will not cause any delivery issues.

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answered 16 days ago
  • I understand your concern. Giving customers the ability to implement their own RDNS domain for dedicated IPs on SES is something the SES product team is reviewing as a future feature but currently there is no ETA on when this feature will be available.

  • Unfortunately this does not explain why from the one side I can have own mailer on the EC2 and dedicated IP with rDNS where I can mitigate against spam checkers issues that resolves my domain name correctly VS AWS SES dedicated IP and shouting spam checkers that my dedicated IP do not match my domain. With a more strict locations this can actually become an issue, isn't it?

    If there is no option to have a valid name resolved with the dedicated IP we might stick with what AWS provide or decide to go with EC2 instead.

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