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Hello Everyone, I have a t2.xlarge Ec2 instance where i am running my algorithm docker containers. This is spot instance. But sometimes the ec2 instance 2/2 status checks is getting failed and my resources is getting stopped. Previously it used to happen very rarely but recently it started happening regularly. Is there any configuration error i am doing and can you guys help me how to mitigate this error??

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Increasingly frequent status check failures on your t2.xlarge spot instance could be due to hardware issues or your instance configuration . Here's a quick approach:

  • Disk Space: Monitor usage and configure docker to clean up old data to avoid filling the disk.
  • Resource Limits: Ensure containers have enough CPU, memory to run smoothly.
  • Updates: Keep OS and software up-to-date with security patches.

Check CloudWatch Logs: Look for errors during boot or instance health messages

Restart the Instance: A simple restart can resolve temporary glitches

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