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/Is QSearchBar supported via the Quicksight API?/

Is QSearchBar supported via the Quicksight API?


I wish to drive Quicksight by API, including the QSearchBar is this possible? The documentation says that QSearchBar is a valid option in the api on method call generate_embed_url_for_registered_user. However for me it throws the exception: ParamValidationError: Parameter validation failed: Unknown parameter in ExperienceConfiguration: "QSearchBar", must be one of: Dashboard, QuickSightConsole. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

asked 5 months ago15 views
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Accepted Answer

The error is from the SDK itself. It seems like your SDK or AWS CLI version is not up to date. Could you please update and retry? if you are using boto3, the latest version is 1.20.52.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thank you. Obvious in hindsight but I missed it. This fixed the problem. Now the link returned by generate_embed_url_for_registered_user will render to a page containing the QSearchBar ready for input by the user, and little else. I have not found a way to programatically preset the query in the QSearchBar, which would be very handy. Is it possible to programatically preset the query in the QSearchBar?

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