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/Implementing DRM on Video on Demand Solutions on AWS/

Implementing DRM on Video on Demand Solutions on AWS


I have implemented Video on Demand solutions in production for quite some time now and a number of videos running. While in the initial development we don't have a requirement for DRM, we enable the AWS Elemental MediaPackage to anticipate the future requirements for DRM.

The description says

With this solution, you can also choose to use AWS Elemental MediaPackage for packaging content into different formats and to apply digital rights management (DRM)

However, there is no guidance on the DRM in the Implementation Guide. I would like to implement DRM on the existing solutions, what do I need to do next?

1 Answers

Aws MediaConvert and MediaPackage have the possibility to manage external DRM ( not provided by themselves). you can easily able DRM encryption and insert the External DRM parameter like ID , Key and URL. Here one example : Here a step by step guide with a specific DRM :

answered 5 months ago

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