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How to add a CNAME without Root Access?


My organization have been locked out of our Root AWS Account and primary email id. We cannot recover the password to AWS, and can only regain access to the email by inputting a CNAME on AWS which I need help with!

When logging into the AWS using the Root Account, we are receiving an error message with the password. The password has not been changed recently, the most recent activity was to generate 3 IAM accounts.

We are unable to access the primary email account associated with the AWS to complete a 'forgot password' process.

According to Google Customer Support, the email id cannot be recovered without a CNAME change which is handled by AWS.

The configuration of AWS has that same email id listed as the primary email id in the event of account lockout or recovery.

As an IAM user, I have access to the Management Console, and can edit the CloudFront Distribution to add a new CNAME, however I do not see fields such as Record type, Label/Host field, Time To Live (TTL) or Destination/Target field to add the CNAME record as given by Google Customer Support -

Thank you for your help!

2 Answers
Accepted Answer

Did you get this figured out yet?

You need to be doing this via the Route53 console, not Cloudfront.

answered 3 years ago

Yeah, AWS customer support pointed me in the right direction at the end of last week. Just got word that it worked. but thank you for your reply!

answered 3 years ago

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