Is it possible to replicate AWS API Gateway in my local development setup?


I am trying to use AWS API Gateway in my local development but I only found a document which says how to api gateway locally using SAM CLI. But it did not mention anything about how to configure other services such S3 or EC2 instance to that API Gateway, Is SAM CLI is the only option to replicate the API Gateway in local environment or is there any other ways to replicate the same. Kindly advise.

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Please, have a look at this post re. capabilities offered by SAM: Very detailled and complete article with full code samples.

It will explain you what you can do locally with SAM: develop Lambdas called via ApiGateway and using DDB to store data.

Other services like those you mention do not have an AWS-provided local emulation but you can always develop on your local machine code that calls S3 or EC2 services in your AWS account to fully test your development.

In this form of development, you will be able to iterate fast (i.e. locally on your machine from your preferred IDE ) on what changes most (code & data structure) while interacting with the other services remotely to have end-to-end dev and testing on your laptop



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