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Hi everyone, thanks for your help After changing the type of instance of one of our elasticbeanstalk this one is block on the event "Created Auto Scaling launch configuration named: awseb-e-guthbfkdfe-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingLaunchConfiguration-xxxx" and the option to cancel is unavailable. what can I do to unblock this situation.

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When elastic beanstalk is stuck, desired, max and min are set to zero in autoscaling group and then the application is deployed. Then return to previous settings and deploy again and it would then show ok.

I have found this link to terminate the environment [1] . It includes force terminate option, just in case you have not already seen it. It is advisable to reach out to support if this doesn't work [2] .

https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/latest/reference/elasticbeanstalk/terminate-environment.html -- [1]

https://aws.amazon.com/support/ -- [2]

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answered 2 months ago

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