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EB Error: A problem occurred while loading your page


Hello guys, I need your help.

I use Elastic Beanstalk to deploy my Node app. I also use CodePipeline. After I pushed my source code to Github, build and deploy(Elastic Beanstalk) succeeded.

But In Elaslastic Beanstalk Environmnes, there's no environment. And if I click Recent environment, an error massage show up: 'A problem occurred while loading your page'

My Node app on Elaslastic Beanstalk has been working fine, but after recent update, It doesn't work at all even CodePipeLine says build and deploy(Elastic Beanstalk) succeeded.

How can I fix it?

1 Answer


I understand that you are having difficulty with your node app deployment after the recent update. My suggestion to fix this issue would be to ensure that the version of Node you are running is supported by AWS Elastic Beanstalk [1][2]

Please provide us the version number of your Node as well as the full error message that excludes sensitive details.

Hope this helps, please contact us if there are any further issues.



answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

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