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IoT services by project?



I plan to have several distinct IoT projects on my account which will not share devices or business logic. I also need to be able to configure separate production and development environments for these projects so that testing can occur without impacting production.

It's unclear to me how this should be done. With most other services, you start by creating a container or an environment, like with data you might create separate databases, or with servers, separate Ec2 instances.

When I started working with IoT services, I was surprised that I didn't have to start by setting up such an environment.

I assume that people are able to run distinct dev and production environments, and different projects, without having to resort to getting different Amazon accounts for each project. What's the right way to do this?

Thanks, Frank

  • As an example, I have a rule that forwards messages from topics to SQS under certain conditions. I'd want to make sure that a rule intended for one project doesn't process things from a different project. I'm not seeing any obvious way to restrict the scope of rules this way.

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If you want true isolation between your lower environments (Staging, QA, etc) and production, you need to use separate accounts. This is true, even outside of the AWS IoT services.

For your rule example, you can specify the source in your Rule query statement to restrict what topic filter gets sent to SQS.

answered 4 months ago

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