When are RDS instances like r7g coming out - based on Graviton 3?


At present, it seems that Graviton 3 use is confined to EC2. As a SaaS company - we purchase reserved instances for long periods - like 3 years. We'd like to know - when are RDS instances for Postgres coming out, based on Graviton 3? I presume an instance like r7g may exist in future - since today, we go up to r6g on RDS / Postgres.

Any indication of timeline for Graviton 3 to be available for RDS will be very helpful in determining our reservations and prior to that - changing instances to the latest generation. Will Graviton 3 instances for RDS also be reservable?

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Thanks for checking. Unfortunately we cannot provide timelines in a public forum however you can contact your account team for the same. As and when this would be available, we will notify in our public announcement below. Please keep tab at it. Alternatively if you are enterprise customer, please reach out to your TAM to get better understanding on timelines specific to your questions.


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answered a year ago

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