Increase the frequency of face detection | AWS Rekognition (StartFaceSearchCollection)


I am using AWS Rekognition to analyse faces in a supplied video.

Currently -- the gap between timestamps is 500ms in the response from the analysis.

After pouring over the documentation - I am see no reference to:

  • Is this the fixed gap/rate for analysis
  • Can you increase the rate from 500ms to something shorter
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What you are referring to is addressed as latency and depends on multiple factors - the more faces to be recognized (you can create an array of faces to be checked in each frame ) the more faces the more latency will be introduced.

For example, the random landscape image’s response latency is less than 1 second, whereas calls to Amazon Rekognition for images with one face count have a response latency between 1 second and 1.5 seconds. Images with multiple face counts have a much higher response latency, greater than 1.5 seconds.

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answered a month ago

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