What to do with source servers with replica after recovery into EC2 [Elastic Disaster Recovery]


Hello guys!

I was able to successfully recover my instances after the outage in the premise office, currently, all my machines are running in EC2 and source servers are shown as "Ready, lag 9d" "Stalled" and I keep being charged for replica EBS volumes, as well as AWS Replication Instances (t3.small). While I dont have any info on when it will be possible to perform the failback, Id like to cut some costs and remove replica EBS volumes. I was thinking about the action "Disconnect from AWS" but it does not work with the message:

Some Source servers could not be processed: s-1ed6*9: Cannot disconnect Source Server s-1ed**9 because it has a Recovery Instance.

What would be the correct action in such a case? (remove source server\remove just the volumes\something else) (the goal to cut the costs while keeping the possibility of failback later).

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