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I need to add new DMARC record do i know the value of the of the new record ?

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Hi, To create a new DMARC record, follow these steps:

Determine Your Policy: 

Decide whether you want to start with a "None" policy for monitoring, or if you're confident and want to set a "Quarantine" or "Reject" policy immediately.

Create the DMARC Record: 

The DMARC record is a TXT record that you add to your domain's DNS (Domain Name System) settings. The TXT record should be named "" where "" is replaced with your actual domain name.

Set the Value: 

The value of the DMARC record should specify your policy and any additional settings. For example:


v=DMARC1; p=none;;

    v=DMARC1: This indicates that this is a DMARC record and specifies the version.
    p=none: This sets the policy to "none", indicating monitoring only. This specifies where aggregate reports should be sent. 
 Replace    "" with your email address. This specifies where forensic reports should be sent.

Replace "" with your email address.

Publish the Record: 

Once you have determined your policy and set the appropriate values, publish the DMARC record in your DNS settings.

Monitor and Adjust: 

After publishing the DMARC record, monitor the reports you receive and adjust your policy and settings as needed to improve email authentication and security.

Remember to replace "" and "" with your actual domain name and email address, respectively.

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