How to rename a database (Not the instance) in mssql


I'm just trying to rename a created database on a 2019 MS SQL running on RDS. I have a database named mydb that for multi-tenant purposes, I need to rename to mydb2 as a workaround for hardcoded values in the app. However, in SSMS, when i try to rename the database, I get this error:

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Unable to rename mydb2. (ObjectExplorer)


Rename failed for Database 'mydb'.  (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

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An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)


User does not have permission to alter database 'mydb', the database does not exist, or the database is not in a state that allows access checks. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5011)

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An using for forceful ways like changing the db to single-access, then altering the db doesn't work either because the error says my admin user doesn't have permissions to change that on a table.

Is the background user rdsadmin logged in and preventing me from changing this? Could I restart the service and close any zombie connections? Maybe I make a copy of the database and give it another name? These seems like overkill but I'm not sure what permissions on RDS are preventing me.

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Hello - Thank You for reaching out to us via re:Post - The way to rename a database is a bit different than the native set up in AWS RDS - here you go - please follow the link below

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