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/How to find your organization and workmail users??/

How to find your organization and workmail users??


Normally, I know where to find the organization and also my workmail users... However, when I enter to the organization section, I do not have any organization created or on the workmail users any workmail users... This is weird, because our emails that are set up and host in AWS, are working properly...

Does someone know what can be happening with my account??

2 Answers


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems finding your organization. WorkMail is available in multiple regions, could it be that your console is set to a region that your Organization is not in?

Kind regards, Robin

answered 2 months ago


Just as Robin pointed out, review the region the WorkMail was created and look for the WorkMail organization if it was not deleted.

Follow the steps on the documentation Viewing an organization's details to see the WorkMail organization

Note when you are logged on to AWS Console > Navigate to the correct region > then paste the URL

answered a month ago

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