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How can I (use AWS GoLang SDK to) create an io.writer (pipe) that will write buffers to a AWS S3 bucket file?


Need GoLang io.writer for AWS S3 Bucket

I have some GoLang code for a media application, that is written to write media buffers (1 at a time) to a disk file via an "io.writer".
I want to convert that code to write the media buffers to an S3 bucket.

How can I create a GoLang "io.writer" that writes to an S3 bucket (via AWS SDK)?

asked 5 months ago203 views
2 Answers

Hello, you've tagged this question with "AWS Storage Gateway." Unfortunately, this isn't a SGW related question. You will receive better response if you tag this with "S3" or "SDK" related tags.

answered 5 months ago

Thank you for reaching out to AWS re:Post, We are continuing to build this collection of code samples in the article ->

If a code you are looking for is not there then a request would need to be raised to have it created, hence I request you to raise a support case with AWS Support. We do not currently have a service for providing on-demand code for customer.

answered 5 months ago

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