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/.Net 6.0 Filters issue with AWS Lambda/

.Net 6.0 Filters issue with AWS Lambda


I am developing AWS serverless application in .net 6.0. I have implemented 2 filters, IAuthorizationFilter and IActionFilter in my application. Both work fine on my local machine. But When I deploy my application on AWS lambda, Action filter is not working properly. I get response from both Action filter and controller. It is expected that I should get result only from action filter, which works fine on local environment. Please suggest solution for this issue

  • What errors are you getting? Can you please post the actual error ?

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Thanks for reaching out!

I was looking over your question and discussing this with a few of my colleagues and the best place to get some assistance would be our aws-lambda-dotnet GitHub repository:

If you can share your code sample there the developers can take a better peek and make some recommendations.

answered 21 days ago

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