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/getting error on fleet activation of gamelift/

getting error on fleet activation of gamelift


I am getting below error when in fleet activation status

Server process started correctly but did not call InitSDK() or ProcessReady() within 5 minutes, launchPath(/local/game/Woah.x86_64), arguments(null), instanceId(i-0c0c1ec4d69e87b9e)

Not sure what is the issue here. the uploaded build is running fine on my local machine.

1 Answers

From Kyle Somers "Have you reviewed your game session logs from GameLift? Typically they will provide some further details to help pinpoint why InitSDK() was not called properly. This video provides instructions for debugging with server logs which I would recommend reviewing to help you set this up if you have not done so already"

Your remote server log should have the answer to why your InitSDK call isn't happening. Mostly it's a dependency issue or just an error in the code (exception thrown) and the call to InitSDK is bypassed.

answered 11 days ago

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