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PostgreSQL 12.2: rdsadmin uses one complete CPU for a query continuously



After upgrading from Postgres 11.6 to Postgres 12.2, I see the below query running continuously by rdsadmin user which utilize 1 CPU session (Performance insight metric) always.

select datname, pid, usename, application_name, client_addr, client_hostname, wait_event_type, wait_event, query, backend_type from pg_stat_activity where state = 'active';

Support SQL ID: ABC984CB7D824C0B21231ED51029F922E2B7B905
Support Digest ID: 06A5CA3B12445E220C7E915CF1F050004A10A957

asked 3 years ago25 views
4 Answers
Accepted Answer

Yes, this is a bug in PI on RDS PostgreSQL 12.2.
It is misreporting this query as taking up CPU when in fact it is not.
Will try and get a status on when this will be resolved.
For the time being this SQL and CPU load attributed to it can be ignored.


answered 2 years ago

That looks like it may be a Performance Insight query, so would only happen while running PI. Anyway, not clear anyone from the RDS team will see your post as they don't regularly participate in the forum. Since it looks like PI you could try to PM awskyleh so he'll see it the next time he logs into the forum.

answered 3 years ago

Hi HalTemp,

I have sent a PM to awskyleh. Its been more than 30 days, no response from him.

Is there any way I can raise this bug to RDS PI team?

I'm not able to trust the PI stats anymore because of this issue.


answered 2 years ago

We are having the same issue since upgrading to PostgreSQL 12.2.

We ran some benchmarks and it does not look like a full CPU is blocked by the query as Performance Insights indicates, but of course, it makes the PI charts harder to use...

Any news on this or how to proceed would be highly appreciated

answered 2 years ago

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