Do health check requests coming from the ELB cost money?


I have an application load balancer that routes traffic to two EC2 instances in a target group. The application load balancer periodically checks the availability of the EC2 instances by doing a health check. It makes a request to a healthcheck endpoint and when it gets status code 200 it knows the instance is still functioning.

The default interval for these healthchecks is 30 seconds, but i thought that was a bit too long so i've set the health check interval to 5 seconds instead. This made me wonder; do these health checks cost money? Is it more expensive to do health checks every 5 seconds as opposed to the default 30 seconds? I would also like to know what the optimal healthcheck interval would be when processing requests for a social media website.


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There is no charge for the ELB healthchecks. health checks are not counted towards LCU (Load Balancer Capacity Units)

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answered a year ago
  • Where does it say that health checks aren't counted towards LCU? That page doesn't mention health checks anywhere

  • The page does not explicitly say it however if you see (for example): for the R53 healthcheck there are charges based on Basic, Optional, Fast interval, latency etc for the HCs; same is not the case if you check ELB.

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