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Hi, My administrator has assigned an app to me through AppStream. However I get the message, "Your login has been disabled. Contact your AppStream 2.0 admin for help." My admin has assured me that the login is not disabled. Could anyone please advise?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards Vinayak

2 Answers

I can only assume you're referring to User Pools since there is no other information provided. Your administrator will want to double-check if your stack assigned user account is actually disabled.

answered a year ago
  • Thank you Stevie but my admin insists the account has not been disabled.

  • Hello @StevieStets and @Chibuike_A, I have checked with my admin and he has shown me that the account is enabled. Unfortunately I cannot paste a screenshot here I cannot reset the password, I get the message, "You are not authorized to login" Please Advise Thanks very much for your help



In addition to StevieStets answer, if your account is in enabled state, I would recommend your administrator to disable and re-enable your account. Also trigger forget password to enable you to reset the password. See Resetting a Forgotten Password

Once this is done, then the stack can be reassign the stack to you

answered a year ago
  • thank you. Let me as my admin to try the above.

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