MediaConvert Job Configure Retry Counts?


For MediaConvert jobs, I've noticed some of my jobs fail due to issues with the files. Seeing some videos that just have issues being processed which I get support tickets to submit examples of. However, I've seen some of these jobs run for a very long time (hours to even days) and the retry count continues going up and I've seen some exceed 50+ retries.

Is there a way to set a maximum retry limit on files before it errors? I have a reserved queue and I'd rather limit the amount of time these are in the in progress state so that I can free up capacity for other jobs.

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Thank you for your inquiry! This functionality is not currently supported in MediaConvert. We have shared this feature request with our product team, for prioritization. No date is available at this time.

You can check the AWS “What’s New” section for updates on feature releases to MediaConvert:


answered 2 years ago

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