Output Video duration is slightly different from the original input video file


Hello, When i try to encode with the media convert a 30-second video, the duration of the output video is 30.6 secs. This is problematic for our industry because we should match the exact duration of the original input video. I have tried changing the Framerates to "auto" but still see the same issue.

I would like to know if this is something familiar or maybe have guidance on how to solve this issue. Thanks Ariel

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Hi there,

This query requires additional information which are account and resource specific. Hence, I request you to open a support case so that concerned media team can assist you. You can refer following link for reference:

Creating support cases and case management - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/awssupport/latest/user/case-management.html

answered 10 months ago

Hi, if you can raise the case will be the best step in order to find the issue, as you can share source file and Job Id/AWS region that you have created this Job. But you can also check this Mediaconvert job settings;

  1. Padding video with black video frames https://docs.aws.amazon.com/mediaconvert/latest/ug/video-padding.html Mediaconvert -> Jobs -> Inputs -> Video Correction -> Pad Video Use this setting if your input has video and audio durations that don't align, and your output or player has strict alignment requirements.

Mediaconvert will always match video duration. If you run a "mediainfo" againt source file the video duration seems to be 30.6 secs.

answered 10 months ago

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