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Values in SiteWise OPC UA Gateway doesn´t update


Hi, In my current project I have the problem that no values ​​are written to the assets. The data stream is first shown as dissociated, but after linking to the asset no value is written. The namespace is Ns= 4 s = "" where Ns 4 is ="CODESYSSPV3/3S/IecVarAccess". The target device is a WAGO PLC. the data type is a boolean. The correct data stream is listed under Alias ​​in the asset. Now i have no idea, how to fix it thank you for your help

asked 8 months ago26 views
1 Answer

Can you confirm if sitewise collector is able to read the data? Check for AWS CloudWatch metrics and logs in the sitewise gateway. Below link has a section, that talks about how to troubleshoot the error you are talking about:

answered 4 months ago

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