How to package an implementation for a client using Lambda, SNS, SES and dynamoDB



I'm working on an implementation for a client that involves creating a few Lambda functions, SNS, SES, a dynamoDB datastore and the relevant IAM users the application will need to function. I'm building and testing on my own AWS account.

Once I have working software, I'd like to package this implementation in a way that will allow the client to install what I've built in their own AWS account.

Is there a recommended way to get this done smoothly and seamlessly? Like, are there any AWS services, configuration manifest files, deployment workflows, etc. that I could use so that the client could follow a minimum of steps to recreate the services and their configuration in their environment easily?


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You can use Infrastructure as Code to package all your code and services configuration. AWS SAM is a good way to package serverless components.

If you need an example, you can look at the first or second example in this workshop -

At each of the steps such as, choose AWS SAM tab instead of the console

SAM documentation is here -

If you need to build an automated CI/CD pipeline using AWS tools, you can look at this workshop -

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answered 2 years ago

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