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/issue enabling SASL/SCRAM authentication on MSK/

issue enabling SASL/SCRAM authentication on MSK



I've setup a Kakfa cluster on MSK, and it has IAM role-based authentication and Public Access enabled. I'm able to connect from my local environment so no issues there.

However, I can no longer update the security settings on the cluster. I'm trying to enable SASL/SCRAM authentication, however I get the following error in the console:

Error updating security settings

Amazon MSK wasn’t able to update the security settings. Wait a few minutes and then try again. API response Configuration ARN does not exist.

I've re-tried the request a number of times, trying a few different settings, however, it keeps returning this error.

Is there anything I could be missing here?

1 Answers

Hi there, please check for 'UpdateSecurity' event in cloudtrail and check the response or error field there. If the error doesn't give any clear indication please open a support case with AWS Support Engineering so that this can be investigated as there could several reasons this might be happening.

answered a month ago

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